We're proud to announce the latest release of our command line tool for developer app publishing: Optimus Prime.

Account Linking for Desktops

The big new feature in this update is account linking between the browser and desktop.

Before the update, users had two separate accounts -- one they used in the browser as a webnative/WNFS user and another used to publish apps at the CLI. Now, if you already have an account you created in the web browser, you can link that account and use it at the CLI.

In this update, we also added a few great quality of life improvements include:

  • Better handling of the managed IPFS daemon
  • More log messages at the CLI, which helps you to see exactly what is happening when you run a command
  • More emoji, which makes those log messages more colorful and fun. 🙂

Here's an image that shows the account linking feature nicely (It also demonstrates many log messages in all their emoji glory).

Full details are on the release page on GitHub. For install and upgrade instructions, see the guide, including notes on, macOS users using brew.

Be sure to hop over to our documentation guide to see the newly added section about account management and linking your browser-based and CLI-created accounts.