FISSION is maintained by the Special Projects & Decentralized Engineering Company, a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation dedicated to supporting sustainable open source.

Brooklyn Zelenka, CEO & Chief Scientist

Community is in Brooklyn’s DNA, having participated in feminist, queer, environmental, and tech organizations. She has contributed to open source since entering the industry, and is probably best known for the Witchcraft Suite — a collection of libraries that enable a more principled/algebraic style of programming in Elixir.

Brooklyn is the founder of the Blockchain Whitepaper Reading Group, Vancouver Functional Programmers, is one of the primary organizers of Code & Coffee YVR, and mentors the local Haskell Reading Group. She is frequently on the conference circuit as a lecturer, panelist, and mentor, and has given keynotes in Europe and North America.

In the world of Ethereum open standards, she is the primary author of ERC902 (token validation) and ERC1066 (status codes), and participates as an Ethereum CoreDev.

Boris Mann, Co-founder, Community & Operations

Boris brings years of experience building communities and companies, is passionate about open source and standards, and speaks developer fluently.

Boris started with open source while in university, later becoming active in the Drupal community, and was part of founding of the Drupal Association. He later focused on founding and funding, creating Bootup Labs (Canada’s first modern startup accelerator), running Full Stack (a small seed fund), and many projects and companies focused on frontier technologies.

Boris has most recently become very engaged with the Ethereum community, including taking a major organizing role with the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians.