Brooklyn Zelenka, CEO & Chief Scientist

Brooklyn is a brilliant developer who is equally comfortable reading research papers as she is shipping production code. She keynotes major software conferences around the world, with an emphasis on functional programming, virtual machines, and programming language theory. Brooklyn has often been tasked with producing research, first versions, and proof-of-concept software, including shipping code for Facebook, Kickstarter, Uber, Walmart, and other modern internet organizations.

Brooklyn has also founded and scaled meetups and events, showcasing her ability to bring technical experts together. She has is the author of a number of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs), and participates in the Core Dev process, with a special focus on upgrades to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) design, and smart contract standards.

Brooklyn leads software architecture, research, and engineering, and likes shipping software with opinionated, smooth developer experiences.

Boris Mann, Co-founder, Community & Operations

Boris has built communities locally and globally, scaling them to tens of thousands of contributors. The last time around it was blogging, open source, and the beginnings of cloud computing, building the Drupal community with the first commercial company supporting the software. He helped found the Drupal Association and organized the global developer meetups until they scaled into the 1000s of attendees. Boris has a history of venture building, as an advisor and investor, founding the first startup accelerator in Canada, running the Full Stack seed fund, and being an active member of Canada’s entrepreneurial community.

For the past year, Boris has been building social proof and connections in the Ethereum community, as volunteer with Ethereum Magicians, including helping to organize events in Berlin, Prague, and Paris.

Boris understands open source, community, and developer relations, as well as handling operations & finance for early stage companies.