FISSION implements a standardized set of codes that enables interoperability and messaging between smart contracts. It is blockchain agnostic, as its single byte design can be implemented in any system or programming language. The initial implementation is being done on the Ethereum blockchain and other systems which utilize the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

FISSION is maintained by the Special Projects & Decentralized Engineering Company, a foundation dedicated to supporting sustainable open source.



Broadly applicable status codes for smart contracts implemented in 1 byte. Like HTTP codes, but designed as a rich set of messages for web3 systems. Implementation of ERC1066
FISSION Translate
Human readable localizations. On-chain translations, selected by the user, for feedback from smart contracts. Implementation of ERC1444

Future planned components:

FISSION Web Bridge
Translating FISSION Codes to HTTP Status Codes for easy web to blockchain interoperability
FISSION Interchain
Transferring messages between two or more smart contract-capable blockchains with common FISSION Codes

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