Powering microservices for Web3

Microservices are being used in the traditional web to build small, nimble, pieces of code that communicate to each other through messages.

Today, blockchain developers are deploying smart contracts that only talk to their own systems, or at best writing custom code to understand a particular contract’s interfaces.

With FISSION, individual smart contracts can be reviewed, verified, and hardened - and have their interactions defined as messages.

FISSION is building composable functionality to make it easy for developers to take advantage of the modern, decentralized web.

Powered by FISSION

There are a number of projects and supporters using and promoting FISSION.

  • The team at Consensys Diligence have given great feedback and support
  • ERC1410 and related Security Token standards, being developed by a number of teams including Polymath

We’d love to hear how you’re using FISSION. Let us know!



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